English speaking course app for iphone

We have experienced Staff with the friendly…. Corsi di Lingua in Tamil Nadu. With our expert Trainers, we guarantee that you will score high in…. It consists of more than multiple-choice questions grouped under twenty different grammar categories. The English LaunchPad is an app especially designed for English learners and teachers. This app offers a complete package that is full of useful information to help boost your English learning experience.

The common features of the English LaunchPad app include practice exercises, lesson plans, grammar structures, whiteboard, quiz generator, student tracking, student roaster, translator and flash cards. If you want a great tool for creating instant formative and summative assessments, then Socrative is the app for you! Recommended as one of the best apps for English educators and learners, SpeakingPal allow users to record and compare their speech with a native English speaker.

This amazing app combines video with automatic speech recognition software that tests your English speaking skills. You just have to speak with a video character and get immediate response on how well you said and pronounced all your English words.

Telugu to English Speaking

In short, this app basically understands and rates your speech. The Grammaropolis app can be called the school of grammar. It shows the parts of speech in the form of animated characters that have different personalities based on their respective roles in a particular sentence. This app makes learning grammar more fun and exciting. In other words, this app does not explain any grammar or anything else besides vocabulary.

It's always more fun, and often more effective to learn a language through something entertaining like stories or comics rather than conventional textbook-style dialogues. It reminds us of that funny green monster from the late 80's in the popular English learning videos Follow Muzzy. With Learn English Through Stories you'll be able to listen to different stories and learn vocabulary, as well as its different usages in the real English-speaking world. What is that? Di dove sei? Where are you from? Sono di … I am from ….

Come va? How are you doing?

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Bene I'm fine. Come si chiama? What is your name? Come ti chiami? Mi chiamo … My name is ….

6 BEST Apps for Learning English

Piacere To like, Nice to meet you. Qui Here. Là There.

Interessante Interesting. Possibile Possible. Giusto Correct, right. Meraviglioso Wonderful. Preferito Favorite. Famoso Famous. Occupato Busy, occupied. Pronto Ready. Più tardi Later. Adesso Now. Tu You informal. Niente Nothing. Più More. Forse Maybe. Naturalmente Of course. Capisco I understand. Non capisco I don't understand. Ripeti, per favore Repeat it, please. Parli inglese? Can you speak English? Come si dice … in italiano? How do you say … in Italian? Cosa significa …? What does … mean?

English speaking course app for iphone

Posso collegarmi a Internet qui? Can I get Internet access here?

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Mi consigli un buon ristorante nei dintorni? Can you recommend a good restaurant nearby? Polizia Police.

English speaking app for iphone

Dottore Doctor. Mi sono perso I'm lost. In quale direzione? Which way?

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